I truly wished it wasn’t! That complicated I mean. But the fact is… it is. And it is getting more so by the day as more players join the field, more functions are automated and existing suppliers update their systems almost on a daily basis.

Therefore, every hotel needs a checkup. At regular intervals. Doing it once in 10 years or even less just doesn’t cut it any more.

There simply is no way that hoteliers have the time or any other resources to stay on top of this. We do and we are delighted to help.

Free of charge if you are our client.

So, what is the process?


Analysis of current technology set up

With the help of a customized questionnaire, we put the current situation on paper and define with the respective team of the hotel what are the shortcomings and what would be our desired set up in an “ideal world”.


Definition of requirement specifications

Again, because it went so well, we put our requirements very detailed on a piece of paper (or the modern equivalent of it)


RFP process (request for proposal)

Hotelwise has template forms that can be customized for each customer and each piece of software. These are in the form of yes or no questionnaires that will be sent to the tech provider. We make it a rule to acquire at least 3 proposals for each technology.


Presentation of solutions

Based on the RFP outcome and the initial requirement discussion, Hotelwise puts together a proposal of the ideal tech-stack.


Contract signing

After adjustments Hotelwise gathers and reviews all contracts before submitting them to the property for signing.


Monitor implementation

Hotelwise is the coordinating entity and the place to go to during the set-up, implementation and training phase.

Hotelwise has a vast network of technology providers for each system category. We spend a great deal of time to keep this network up to date. In combination with our experience and dedication we are well equipped to assure you get the best value for your money.