Your Team

40+ Dedicated Revenue Specialists at your service
365 days a year


Founders, Business Leaders with a combined (perceived) 100 years of experience in the hospitality industry. We vary in the field of competence; we are united in our goals. Help our clients to achieve theirs.

The Founder

HOTELWISE was founded by Meinrad, a Swiss hotel professional with 20 years of hotel management experience and a passion for hospitality. Meinrad has managed resort and city hotels on 3 different continents. He is a graduate of the Hotel School in Lucerne and holds a BBA in finance and marketing from a renowned Swiss institution.


The Partners


The team is led by entrepreneurs who have successfully managed companies and businesses for years. With practical experience in Revenue Management, Sales, Data-Analytics and programming with the worlds hospitality leaders they guarantee success through carefully selected and well led experts.

The data analysts

No Revenue Management without accurate & real-time data.

The Revenue Managers

Making best use of data and technology to perform the daily task of yielding. Our Revenue Managers have experience with industry leaders such as IHG, Marriott and the likes and are certified to operate most systems in the market.

The Strategists

Put it all together and make sure we are prepared in time for the future.


When all of the above come together it’s a delight to watch and the outcome amazing. With only the proverbial “tip of the iceberg“visible to the client, there is a great team at work making sure no stone remains unturned. Make us part of your team. Over 300 clients in over 7 years are a testimony to our efficiency.