We help you invest in getting back the control of your brand and customer data.

Far too many Hoteliers leave their ARI distribution (Availability, Rate, Inventory) to the OTAs, mainly & Expedia. For this the hotelier pays a commission of up to 20%. So, every hotelier is directly funding the marketing and branding budget of a – strictly speaking- distribution competitor. Furthermore, for all bookings coming through any OTA, the hotelier will not have access to any of his/her guest’s data. No email, no telephone, nothing to reach out to the guest prior to arrival, during and post stay and for any sort of advertisement campaign. It is our mission to empower any hotelier to spend the money that would go to the OTAs on their own branding and on getting access to the data of their guests.

Let us show you how :


The most prominent among the Meta Search Engines is Google Hotel Ads. We also provide access to a number of others like TripAdvisor and Trivago. The latest AI, platform and reporting tools allow us to fine tune the campaigns and thus create a maximum ROI.


Among all the Search Engines out there it is sufficient to spend money on Google and Bing. As opposed to Google Hotel Ads, this part of SM Marketing makes sure your brand website is listed on the top of Google & Bing organic search results as opposed to Google Hotel Ads that does only show when a customer searches by a specific hotel name.


Everyone knows FB and Instagram. Over the past decade or so they have become a major sales platform. A hotel must have a presence on both and make it known to the crowd. Use technology to distribute any content and then the reporting tool to finetune time of advertising, geographics and demographics of your target clients. It is an ongoing effort to maximise the return on ad money spent.

Hotelwise provides the ideal technology and campaign management for all of the above. Customized to your existing technology and organisation. Great value and ROI with a team that is seriously into gaining back market share from the OTAs.